Ways Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Can Be Used Positively

3 Apr , 2015  

Unmanned aerial vehicles have been cast in a bad light recently, which is completely unfounded. Of course, there are incidents that have caused “drones” to be viewed negatively. But with the vast uses for unmanned aerial vehicles, it is baseless. Modified UAVs could revolutionize science, farming, and delivery systems. In the scheme of things, unmanned aerial vehicles are very cheap compared to some of the techniques that are being employed by these systems.

Scientific Research

Many ecologists survey large plots of land and take images regularly for plant richness or diversity. Unmanned aerial vehicles allow these ecologists to affordably do this on a regular basis, as well as with little training to operate them. Generally, drones (UAVs) do not require a large amount of training to operate and would be useful as their cameras become better and pushed towards live streaming.

Unmanned aerial vehicles would also be able to enter places where people can’t without danger. Caves are one example of places that unmanned aerial vehicles could record or take thermal imaging. As technology improves, UAVs would be able to monitor bat migration from thermal imaging, as an example. Scientists would greatly benefit from these enhancements to unmanned aerial vehicles.


Currently, many farmers have to walk their fields for miles to monitor their crops. Unmanned aerial vehicles could easily  alleviate this burden. The cameras on UAVs continually improve and right now they help farmers to visually monitor their fields. As battery life improves, this becomes a more feasible option for larger farms. UAVs are currently helping farmers to monitor their farm without devoting hours a day to it. UAVs would allow farmers to harvest more food, because their monitoring could be more accurate and on a more frequent basis.

Delivery Systems

Many people are aware of the development of Amazon’s possible drone delivery service. This service is rumored to allow products to be brought to people on the same day of ordering them. Amazon is not the only company to be developing this. In the future, it is completely feasible that people will receive online orders the same day. Of course, packages the same day from a company might seem frivolous to some people. Many humanitarians are pushing for unmanned aerial vehicles to be able to deliver to those in need with only the need of GPS coordinates. Delivering medicine or needed items to those in remote areas would be beneficial for numerous reasons.
Unmanned aerial vehicles have numerous positive uses that should outshine any negativity that is clouding them. They have the ability to push scientific research and enable farmers to monitor crops in real time. Not to mention the possibility that in the future of drone technology we might receive packages the same day. Those who live in remote areas would be able to receive the medicine or necessary items quickly and accurately.

This was a guest post by Gustavo @ DroneExaminer.com