UAV rules coming in 2017. FAA, really?

10 Dec , 2014  

Yesterday we reported that Amazon will move their UAV research overseas if the FAA doesn’t hurry up and actually create regulations. Well now, it seems like Amazon will have to leave after all. The Washington Post is reporting that the FAA won’t introduce their set of rules until 2017 or even later. Really, FAA? You’ve already missed the 2012 deadline and will now miss the September 2015 deadline. The WP reports:

Gilligan confirmed that a “balanced” proposal on drones is under executive review. But once that proposal is published for the public’s eyes, it could take months to arrive at a final set of rules. The result could mean years of additional delays, according to a Government Accountability Office official.

Something needs to be done at this point. The US needs to be a pioneer in this field, but when it is basically outlawed, the innovations will simply take place elsewhere. Click below to read the full Washington Post article.

The FAA won’t make up its mind on drone rules until 2017 — at the earliest – The Washington Post.