Episode 3: Episode 3: The FAA Takes Steps Toward Regulating Commercial UAV Use – DroneLaw.com – Wireless Charging Tech for UAVs

20 Feb , 2015  


In this episode of the UAV not Drone podcast, I talk about the new set of proposed regulations by the FAA for commercial UAV use in the United States. I interview Brant Hadaway, a practicing attorney that specializes in UAS laws and regulation to discuss the FAA’s Notice of Proposed Rulemaking for small unmanned aerial systems.




Episode 2 – A Drone Lands at the White House, ACUAS.org and Saving Rhinos

6 Feb , 2015  


In Episode 02 of the UAVnotDrone podcast, host Julian Melo summarizes the incident where a drone landed at the White House lawn on January 26 2015 at 3 in the morning and the series of events that happened after.




UAVnotDrone Podcast 1 – Intro, CES 2015 & Flying Drugs

22 Jan , 2015  


In the premiere episode of the UAVnotDrone podcast, host Julian Melo explains the purpose the podcast, along with his background in unmanned aerial vehicles. He discusses the use of the word “drone” and its negative connotation.

He also talks about the AirDog, an autonomous quadcopter with a successful Kickstarter campain and their latest prototype unveiled at CES 2015.

Finally, “Drones in the News” a segment that highlights the latest stories that the media is talking about.

These are the articles referenced in this podcast:

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