ESPN to use UAVS to film at the 2015 Winter X-Games

22 Jan , 2015  

Great news for fans of winter sports! ESPN has been given the greenlight by the FAA to use UAVs to film at this year’s Winter X-Games. This is the first time ESPN is using unmanned aerial vehicles for videography, but it has been done before at winter events, I do recall multirotors being used at the last Winter Olympics in Sochi.

In cooperating with the FAA, Calcinari said, ESPN had to provide thorough documentation to prove that the drones would be flying in a “closed-set” environment, one that limits access to the fly zone to only members of the production crew. As such, the area where ESPN will be using the drones to film won’t be accessible by the public — which, given the FAA’s known stance on the recreational handling of these devices, is no surprise.

Lets see what kind of footage ESPN is able to get. Just imagine the shots of the Flying Tomato from above!

ESPN is bringing camera drones to the X Games.