DJI Inspire flyaways. Is anyone surprised?

14 Jan , 2015   Video

Gizmodo just published an article titled “Don’t Trust Your Expensive Autonomous Drone to Always Be Autonomous” that shows the almost $3000 DJI Inspire autonomously taking off and crashing into a garage. I have several thoughts in this regard:

– This just reinforces my statements made here: there will never be a substitution for good old fashioned piloting, no matter how advanced the algorithms are.

– Multirotor makers should encourage people to learn to fly properly, especially DJI. Also, stop marketing these tools as fool-proof. We all know they are not. They will flyaway. They will crash. There is no substitue for human error and ignorance.

– The need for a more education around multirotors and “drones” in general.

– Also, the word “drone” implies autonomy, so “autonomous drone” is sort of reduntant, in Gizmodo’s title. A multirotor can be a drone, if autonomous, but not all multirotors are drone, by this definition. Mini racer quads are generally not “drones” by this definition since they don’t fly on their own.

Don't Trust Your Expensive Autonomous Drone to Always Be Autonomous .