Charging your UAVs midflight

18 Feb , 2015   Video

You know the scenario, you’re having an amazing flight, but you’ve got to land because you’re running low on electrons. But what if you could charge your craft while your’re flying, untethered? A Canadian company called Solace Power, in partnership with Boeing, are working to make wireless charging more efficient, and they demonstrate the way their prototype works in the video above, with the green light indicating that the multirotor is charging, mid-air. From TechCrunch:

Solace uses ‘resonant capacitive coupling,’ which is derived from the original wireless power experiments run by Nicola Tesla over a hundred years ago. Using this type of wireless charging tech allows for flexibility when it comes to the size and shape of the receiver drawing power, as well as more freedom when it comes to aligning the transmitter and receiver for proper power transmission from point A to B.

Check out the video and the full article from TechCrunch below for full details.

Solace Power Takes Aim At Wireless Mid-Flight Charging For Drones | TechCrunch.