Episode 4: Episode 4: Drones over Paris, The FAA harrassing a UAV enthusiast and his Youtube channel, DJI and 3D Robotics raising venture capital and UAviators.org

13 Mar , 2015  


In this episode of the podcast, I break down “drones over Paris” incidents with a timeline of the events. I explore the media frenzy over a letter that a UAV hobbyist received from the FAA where they equate his monetized YouTube videos as a commercial endeavor. I interview the aforementioned hobbyist Jayson Hanes to get a first-person account of what really happened.



The “Drone lands on the White House lawn” incident: A timeline

5 Feb , 2015  

White House Drone

One of the most talked about events of in the realm of UAVs in the recent months was the “Drone lands on the White House lawn” incident, which occured on Janurary 26, 2015. First, lets describe the events and the way the media reported on it.



Drones and Everything After — NYMag

10 Oct , 2014  


Here’s an excellent piece about “drones”, everywhere from the military kind, to the hobbyist type that anyone can buy at the local hobby store. Its a long read but I promise you, its well worth it.

Drones and Everything After — NYMag.


The Original Drones

8 Apr , 2014  


The word “drone” is not very welcome here, but in this case, “drone” would be the most appropriate way to describe the airplanes that Gizmodo writes about. More…