California Police Agency finally gets UAVs

4 Dec , 2014  

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office just got delivery of 2 brand spankin’ multirotors, more specifically the AirCover QuadRotor QR425, but won’t start flying them until they get approval from the FAA. About the capabilities of this UAV:

AirCover’s website, however, specifically states that this model has the capability to be used for surveillance purposes, touting the fact that this model is “designed for perch mode operations in order to monitor areas for up to several hours of full motion video in EO, IR, and HD modes.”

The sheriff noted that the ACSO had purchased a FLIR infrared camera to attach to the drone.

“We have data retention where it tracks the flight of the unit and it is given a mission number and refers back to that,” he told reporters. “It has capability to attach other devices, it’s light enough to meet requirements of the FAA and already has been approved in other areas of the country.”

Check out the full article below for all the details.

County sheriff finally gets the drone he wanted, ignores privacy concerns | Ars Technica.