Amazon threatens leaving the US for UAV development if FAA doesn’t regulate soon

10 Dec , 2014  

According to the Wall Street Journal (warning, paywall link) the online ecommerce giant told the FAA in a letter that if they don’t open up the skies for UAV research and development, they would simply stop development in the US and take it elsewhere. Amazon already does research and development in the UK. According the The Verge:

Amazon has already begun exporting its research and is currently testing drones in Cambridge, England, where experimental flights don’t require a special license and pilots are only expected to follow general rules such as staying away from large crowds and airports. The UK has already issued more than 300 licenses for commercial drone use with the majority used for photography and filming.

Click the link below for the full article at The Verge

Amazon tells FAA to change drone laws or it'll move research abroad | The Verge.