A small UAV flew on the floor of Congress

22 Jan , 2015  

The Verge is reporting that during a hearing at Congress a small UAV, more specifically a Parrot Bebop was flown, while Collin Gunn from 3D Robotics gave a presentation about the many potential uses of unmanned aerial vehicles and how they can help generate jobs:

It wasn’t much of a demonstration, but it got the point across. A number of representatives broke into smiles and voiced the opinion that drones could be useful for work in agriculture, disaster relief, and natural resource management. That would mean jobs: something every politician likes to stump for. “I was hoping you would fly over the whole room, not just one location,” said Smith, after the Bebop landed.

The last time I remember a radio controlled craft being flown inside the chambers where politicians work was the whole flying penis episode, but even more interesting is that since a multirotor from 3D Robotics is probably too big to be flown safely indoors, Collin decided to have a competitor’s quad flying while he spoke.

A drone was flown on the floor of Congress | The Verge.