3DR Predictions for the April 13 2015 Annoucement

7 Apr , 2015   Video

Here are my predictions (and educated guesses) for the upcoming 3D Robotics announcement on April 13, 2015, and this is solely based on their teaser video above:

They are going to release a new, all black, plastic uni-body, quad, with a sexy name and tout it as being so easy to fly, that even a monkey can do it. 3DR replied to my comment thread on YouTube.


Perhaps proprietary software, a fork of the existing APM platform, that is perfectly tuned for the platform.

A new controller, not a FlySky + FrSky telemetry controller like they have now. iOS and Android app to control the quad. The controller will allow you to mount a phone/tablet, as evidenced by the monkey in the video.

Proprietary 3 axis gimbal and integrated camera. No more GoPro-compatibility.

New “smart” battery that shows charge levels via LEDS (as evidenced in the video).

So, to summarize, 3DR is transforming from an open-source leader of UAV software and mostly DIY company, to be more like DJI: making and selling UAVs that are very easy to fly and that appeal to a larger audience. Sure, they’ll keep their OS legacy stuff, but I bet its much more appealing to sell a ton of ready to fly quads than advanced 32-bit flight controllers, that are easily and readily available from other vendors who clone the design. ‘Tis a shame 3DR.

NOTE: All this is speculation. I really hope it doesn’t turn out this way. I’m a fan of 3DR. I use their controllers (and clones as well) and software for my personal UAVs.